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Inspiring High Performance

Expertise: professional cycling, World Championships, corporate culture, teamwork, and world travel.

Amy's humorous and engaging style immediately captures the audience's attention.  With over 15 years in a corporate career and 3 years racing as a professional cyclist, Amy offers a unique and entertaining perspective with tales from the pro peloton and on corporate teams.  The twists and turns in her stories are bolstered by meaningful insight and lessons learned.  Every talk is designed to inspire tangible action. She compels the attendees to consider their personal boundaries, and challenges them to step outside of their comfort zones to discover untapped potential.  


Her experiences deliver an intense understanding of teams, team building and doing the impossible making her an ideal keynote speaker for associations, sports teams, annual conferences, leadership and corporate events.

Keynote Topics
Keynote Topics
  • How to Unleash Your Grit and Tap into Mental Toughness

  • How to Chase Your Dreams and Define Success

  • Steps to get outside of your comfort zone (and why it matters)

  • What It Takes to Become a National Champion

  • What Makes a Great Team





Chase your dream.  Discover your potential. Transform your life.

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I could not have known at the time. I could not have fully understood, or even accepted the magnitude of the situation, or the symbolism of the sign that I was leaning against. As I stood, bent over my bike, heaving, my bodily functions not within my immediate control, I peered at the sign with my vision just coming back, it said: Realization Point Trailhead...

"Amy's account of her journey towards and through professional cycling is compelling and vivid. I felt like I was along on the ride with her! I love Amy's message of overcoming obstacles, not taking no for an answer, and pursuing her dreams and passions. This message can be applied to any area of our lives. I am in awe of Amy's physical and mental strength and perseverance. This is an amazing and quick read. It is packed with useful and relevant affirmations and tips." -Darcie C, New York
"An extremely readable book that will inspire anybody thinking of pursuing their passion. The journey of a professional cyclist is gruesome and challenging and Amy's vivid description provides the reader with a clear picture that getting your dream job is filled with physical, mental, and political challenges. The trade-offs, sacrifices, and grit are inspiring as is the unprecedented husband and family support. Some great research tells us that you can have a job, a career, or a calling of purposeful work and Amy's story is a terrific portrayal of that progression. You will be impressed with Amy and the tenacity in which she chased her goals but also you will learn about the fascinating international sport of women's cycling."   -Laurence B, Lewisville, KY
Amy Charity Head Shot

Amy is a Colorado native, born in Fort Collins.  She spent over 14 years in Financial Services in venture capital, a hedge fund and credit cards, living and working in various states and countries.  


At the age of 34, she left the financial industry to pursue her passion and a career in professional bike racing.  Amy raced all over the world and at the highest level of the sport.  She was a member of the US National Team, holds a national title in the Team Time Trial and raced in the World Championships. 

Amy has been a coach for over a decade. She hosts and coaches cycling camps.  She is a Partner and Race Director of SBT GRVL, a gravel cycling event in Steamboat Springs.


Amy lives in Steamboat Springs with her English husband, Matt and their Boxador, Lucy.

When not writing, speaking or coaching...

What Others are Saying

I laughed and cried reading this...

Your description of your final race brought me to tears of joy and happiness and I've underlined and starred several pages to return to them when I need inspiration.

Nora D

Thank you for your inspirational story

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book.  Your story has been a great help to me with my career choices.

Helena M

Teacher, Coach, Spain

When she was done speaking I really wanted to “be” her

I saw Amy Charity, a former pro cyclist speak at Grand Fondo in Deep Creek, MD the summer of 2016. I was drawn to her confidence and inspired by her persistence. Mostly I was struck by the personal sacrifice she made—giving up a career, suspending her personal life, starving herself down to “pro weight material”—for a shot at greatness. She has something special and it conveys. When she was done speaking I really wanted to “be” her. 

Theresa U

Owner - 1406 Group, Arlington, VA

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